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Our Story

Catrina’s Kitchen is a Southern influenced culinary brand offering Seasonings and

other food products from the perspective of a respected and experienced Chef.


For more than 20 years, Catrina has established herself as a true Kentucky Proud original with fresh ‘farm to table’ meats, made-from-scratch side dishes, and of course everyone’s favorite-dessert! The foundation of Catrina’s offerings is rooted from her family’s traditions in Racine, Wisconsin by way of New Albany, Mississippi.

Catrina started a restaurant known as ‘Dinner is Done’ in Jeffersontown, Kentucky where she catered to patrons who wanted homestyle cooking with an atmosphere to match. Increasingly, she began to receive requests for her breading and spices. Because of these requests, she decided to package and sell her breading, seasonings, and spices-today known as Catrina’s Kitchen Southern Spices.

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